How Long Are Molly's Pregnant for?


Mollies are freshwater tropical fish. Most female fish lay eggs and their mates sprays their sperm on the eggs to fertilise them. Mollies are different in that they bear live young. The typical gestation period for the molly fish is about 28 days.
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The length of the pregnancy of a Molly Fish is approximately four weeks, and the babies are born live. The babies should always be separated from the mother at birth because she will
1. Watch for any behavioral changes in your female molly fish. Some of the changes in behavior are that she may move slower in the water, stay away from other fish and eat more. 2
A molly is normally pregnant for about 4 weeks maybe a little longer. If you own a molly that is pregnant DO NOT put her in a breeding net too soon or she will die from the stress
Hi Cassie, Mollies will be pregnant for about 28 days. You can tell if she is pregnant because she will have a gravid spot right next to her vent. When her stomach starts to look
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The molly fish stay pregnant for about a month. They will have new babies every 3 months if the tank is kept in good condition. Millies are live bearers and ...
Molly fish are usually pregnant for up to 60 days. The great thing about this type of fish is that it can get pregnant without the need for male Molly fishes. ...
Molly Fish go for a period of 50–70 days in pregnancy. Marble Molly fish is an attractive black and white fish that makes a calm addition to most aquariums ...
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