How Long Are Pugs Pregnant for?


A pug is normally pregnant for 63 days, and should be taken to the vet if she is pregnant for more tha 69 days. Because smaller dogs like pugs come into heat approximately every six months, a pug can only have 2 litters per year. Most pug litters are 3 or 4 puppies, but you need to have an x-ray of your pug at around 6 weeks gestation just to see how many puppies your pug is having. That is important so you will know that she has delivered all the puppies.
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1. Look for subtle changes in your pug's behavior and personality, as this can be an indication of pregnancy. Your pug may become increasingly affectionate, preferring lots of attention
Gestation lasts 9 weeks (on average) They deliver after 58-68 days. Thanks!
when she is in heat. (on her period) most fertile days are the 11th-15th.
You take her to the vet of course,since Pugs almost always need C-sections to successfully whelp,I hope your family has a few thousand dollars set aside,otherwise take her in ASAP
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