How Long Are Rabbits in Labor?


Rabbits take about eight hours to labour. Once the rabbits have given birth, they take about six days to go on heat again and will be ready to deliver again in 31 daysÕ time. This is one of the factors that could lead to rabbit overpopulation if the rabbits are left to breed as much as they could.
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It is important to have an active role in the breeding of the rabbit so a birth date can be calculated. Smaller breed female rabbits are ready to reproduce at 5 months, while medium-sized
Rabbits can be in labor for merely minutes or for hours, much like humans. A rabbit's
A female will pull hair from her belly to nest the babies in. She will be restless.
Dear Aerial, A first time labor can last 8-10 hours, but if the bunny starts to show signs of undue distress and pain, be sure to have a good rabbit vet on call:
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