How Long Before a Nose Piercing Closes?


A nose piercing will only take about a week to close up. If you do not want your nose piercing to close, do not leave your piercing out for more than 24 to 48 hours at a time.
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1. Clean the area where your nose piercing is and wash your hands before you start looking at the nose piercing. This prevents germs from entering the pierced area. 2. Locate the
It depends on how long you've had it, but maybe a month. When it
It clearly depends on how long the piercing has been pierced for. If its still new, it wont take long at all...sometimes even seconds. If it has been pierced for 6 months to a year
it closes up around 8 hours. the other two holes in your nose, im afraid, wont close up.
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Taking a nose ring out, after 6 weeks, without it closing up, should be fine. You do not want to do it before then, as it will close up pretty fast. Nose ring ...
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