How long is it before a tongue piercing closes up?


Some people experience closing of a tongue piercing within an hour and a half of stud removal, while others can keep their jewelry out for days at a time. The length of time it takes for a tongue piercing to close up after removing the jewelry will vary from person to person.

If jewelry is removed for any extended length of time, it is important to place a retainer in its place. A retainer keeps the piercing hole open. It is clear, so it allows the wearer to conceal the piercing. This is especially useful for individuals who practice sports or for those who are prohibited from wearing body jewelry at their place of employment. Retainers are generally made of acrylic.

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It doesn't take long before a new tongue pierce hole closes because when you open and close your mouth your hole in you tongue just gets used to having nothing in it so i would say
The reason to not have anything in your face, including plastic, is that you can develop pressure sores at the piercing sites and have big necrotic sores (dead tissue) there. It will
Tongue piercings do not completely close up if they have completely
This is a very individual answer. Some people can close within 15 minutes. Some people can have their nose piercing stay open indefinitely. If the piercing is still in the healing
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