How Long before a Wedding Should the Bride Start Looking for Her Dress?


From my knowledge a bride starts to look for her wedding dress about 4 months before the wedding. They look for the dress ahead of time just in case they are ordering online. If you order something online you have to give them at least 3 to 6 weeks to deliver the dress depending on where you order the dress. You may find a dress within a month of the wedding the decision is up to the bride.
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6 months seems to be typical from my experience. Embed Quote
While no origin is noted, during the ancient it was even believed that evil spirits could bring misfortune to the newlyweds and crops, such as disease and death
That is just a superstition
It's a silly superstition. I didn't want my husband to see the dress because I wanted him to be surprised on our wedding day, not because I thought it would doom our marriage :o)
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