How long does it take for Depo-Provera to become effective?


Depo-Provera is a branded progestogen-only long lasting reversible birth control that is injected every three months. The DEPO Provera kicks in immediately but it is advisable to have a back up protection for at least a week.
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Depo Provers is a form of birth control giving by injection, either through the upper arm, or buttocks. It is 99 percent effective. Remember it does not protect against STD's.
The depo shot should be effective within a couple of days asking as u have it within a couple of days of giving birth or within your menstrual cycle. If you the shot antly other time
I am also on the depo injection and I know that when I had my first one you are meant to wait a week before it actually kicks in! So I don't know what to suggest, check it up with
One injection usually works for at least 3 months and sometimes
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DEPO Provera a family control injection commences straightaway after the first injection if administered during the first five days of the menstrual cycle. Each injection provides safety against pregnancy for up to ninety eight days, but the jab must be obtained once every 12 weeks to remain fully safe.
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A brown discharge is very common in women who are on the Depo Provera form of birth control. When they get the shot, there can be several side effects, including ...
After I stopped the Depo shot I got my period the next month. Everyone is different and it can actually take up to a year for your period to be regular again. ...
The birth control Depo Provera will take about 3 months to leave your system. You're supposed to get the shot once every 3 months, so once the 3 months is up, ...
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