How Long before Puppies Open Their Eyes?


It generally takes one to two weeks. It depends on the breed of dog. Don't rush it by trying to force them to open. Just leave them on their own, and they will open when they are ready.
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I have seen puppies at two days old with open eyes however average time is 7 days it so.
Hi Roosia, Congratulations on the arrival of your new puppies! Expect your puppies eyes to open somewhere between seven days to two weeks after birth. It varies a bit, based on breed
Dog eyes. Puppies are born with both their eyes closed because they are almost completely blind. Puppies will keep their eyes closed for a period of time as they continue to form
It totally depends on the breed and individual puppies. When one of our airedales was whelped, her eyes were open within hours while other littermates took much longer. Remember it
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