How Long Can a 2x6 Span?


A two by six inch stud must be spaced sixteen inches apart, and can span the length of the wall, floor or ceiling. A two by six inch studs are the normal stubs used in framing the floor.
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It varies depending on what you are spanning and what kind of wood you use. If you are referring to floor joists , here's the numbers for a few wood species. This is for joists at
Yes you just get 12 footers and you will do fine.
2x6 16" on center with a 6.5ft span is good enough for a shed, but use pressure treated wood.
The Maximum Horizontal Span is: 9 ft. 4 in. with a minimum bearing
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Since a 2 x 6 is two feet wide and six feet long it can span around a four foot gap. You do not want to place it over a gap wider than that because it will slip, bend, or break. If it is a board that is two inches wide and six feet long then the distance will be less because it is not as wide and weaker.
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