How Long Can a Cactus Survive without Water?


Cactus are succulent desert plants, which can survive for a very long time(there is no documented exact time) without water, because although this plant may show some signs of death when it lacks water, in most cases, it never dies completely, because it stores water. This plant is able to survive in harsh conditions, because it does not have leaves and it has a very fleshy stem, which stores a lot of water.
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Cacti are equipped with many adaptations that suit them for the desert life. Instead of leaves, from which water escapes easily, this magnificent plant has spines, which greatly narrow
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I can't be sure about young cacti but my adult cactus once went 6 months without water so they should be fine. If you're really worried before you leave give it plenty of water. The
The saguaro cactus can grow unto an astonishing 45ft & even in its harsh
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