How Long Can a Cat Go without Food?


A cat can go for weeks without food but they will only live for a few days without water. Cats are hunters. They will eat bugs to keep from starving. You can find more information here:
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Actually a cat can go up to a couple of weeks without food but it certainly isn't advisable to find out. It is more important for them to drink well, than to eat well.
Answer Cats usually will kill mice, squirrels, birds to stay alive unless they are lucky enough to have an owner that feeds them. Cats will usually only starve if they are confined
Normally A cat's urinary system never stops working. Normally, a cat will need to urinate several times a day. Food and liquid the cat eats are first taken to the digestive system
A cat can survive without food much longer than humans can. He can lose as much
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Cats can live without food for long periods of time, especially if they were obese to begin with. Most cats can live without food for several weeks. However, they ...
A cat can survive several days without food, so long as they are still consuming water. Without water, dehydration will set in immediately and can prove fatal ...
A cat can live for up to two weeks without any food, if water is available. It depends on its previous health and weight. This can be very bad for the cat's health ...
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