How Long Can a Cat Survive without Food?


A cat can go without food for several weeks as long as they have water. He can lose as much as 40 percent of his body weight and survive. A 10 to 14 percent loss of the total water in a cat's body is fatal and leads to dehydration, which is a serious matter. 
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If you have water and a certain amount of physical stamina, it is possible to resist for around 40 to 60 days, but also very depend on your specific situation and many other factors
- I have seen a cat live 1 week without food or water. It was trapped inside a shed. It survived another 10 years after that. My story - I went on vacation recently and left my cat
Roaches stay in warm and moist areas during the day, and use the night time to forage for food and mate. They will eat any crumbs that they can find as well as their own droppings
If a cat loses 10 to 15% of water from it's body then it may die.
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A cat can survive several days without food, so long as they are still consuming water. Without water, dehydration will set in immediately and can prove fatal ...
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A cat can survive several days with no food but it is not a good idea! If the cat is ill and doesn't want to eat you may need a vet to take a look at her. There ...
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