How Long Can a Dead Fetus Stay in the Uterus?


A dead fetus can stay in the uterus for a long period of time if a woman does not go to get it taken out by a doctor. If the miscarriage happens in the first few weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will leave the uterus on its own. If a dead fetus is left in the body for longer then a week, it can cause toxic chemicals to develop in the uterus that can cause death.
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In humans 9 months. Other animals have different gestation periods.
Go to a doctor and have a D and C. You can't do it
Until your body notices. It is definitely recommended that if your body does not miscarry on it's own and you have a missed miscarriage, that you have a D&C to prevent infection
The mother's body in almost all cases will detect that the fetus is dead, and will typically commence and complete a delivery. One case, which I suspect to be typical, documented
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The body will try to expel a miscarried fetus in a few hours to some days after the death. The body has no problem in expelling the fetus till 12 weeks. ...
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