How Long Can a Dead Fetus Stay in the Uterus?


A dead fetus can stay in the uterus for a long period of time if a woman does not go to get it taken out by a doctor. If the miscarriage happens in the first few weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will leave the uterus on its own. If a dead fetus is left in the body for longer then a week, it can cause toxic chemicals to develop in the uterus that can cause death.
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Some fetus' need to be removed, but most will come out (if before 12 weeks) usually after 12 weeks it will be removed, it is very dangerous that the fetus is still in the mother,
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Dr's don't allow you to carry a dead fetus for 6 weeks, they might let you have a little time to miscarry on your own, and if it didn't happen then they would medically or surgically
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