How long can a human survive in outer space with or without a suit?


In scores of science fiction stories, hapless adventurers find themselves unwittingly introduced to the vacuum of space without proper protection. There is often an alarming cacophony of screams and gasps as the increasingly bloated humans writhe and
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A human in unprotected space would survive less
You wouldn't die instantly, but instead you'd have about 10 seconds before you go unconscious and about a minute before you die. Geoffrey Landis has the best answer to the question
15 seconds before loosing consciousness. about 90 seconds before you are dead. You would not explode or your blood boil, but the oxygen would be sucked out of your blood and quickly
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Humans cannot live in outer space. If you visit outer space without the protection of a space suit, you will die quickly because there is no oxygen. There is also ...
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