How Long Can a Turtle Live without Food?


Turtles should be fed two to three times per week, but they can survive without food for longer periods of time. A new pet turtle may not eat for up to a week while it is getting used to the new surroundings. A turtle that is allowed to go into hibernation may not eat for up to five months; if a turtle is kept in a constant warm environment it will not hibernate therefore it will need to be fed regularly
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Generally, the smaller the turtle, the more often it will need to eat. On average, turtles of any species eat every other day, unless they are hibernating. Turtle hatchlings will
how long do turtles live with out food? how long do turtles live with out food?
Diet and every other facet of care is determined by the natural habitat of
Turtles that eat a protein-based diet can go for a couple of days between meals. But vegetarian species like the Galapagos tortoise need to eat every day.
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