How Long Can a Turtle Stay Underwater?


It depends upon temperature and water conditions. Aquatic turtles can stay underwater for a long time, often a half hour or more at a stretch. The green sea turtles can stay underwater for up to 5 hours.
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The green sea turtle can stay under water for over 5 hours without coming
That depends mostly on the temperature. Turtles brumate underwater all winter, sometimes. In addition, some, like the softwhells, are able to extract oxygen for the water, much the
I believe some species of shark are already being tracked so you could use the turtles as bait for the shark and then use the shark data. Embed Quote
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How Long Can Pet Turtles Stay Underwater?
Although there are more than 200 species of turtles in the world, only about 150 of them make suitable pets. Sea turtles, giant tortoises and of course, the ever-increasing number of endangered turtles, should not be kept, even by the most dedicated... More »
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Depending on the type of turtle and what it's doing, it can hold it's breathe for several minutes up to a few hours! Sea turtles usually hold their breath the longest!
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Turtles can stay underwater for various amounts of time. Typically, a turtle can stay underwater for up to 2 hours. Most turtles come up every few minutes however ...
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