How Long Can a Whale Hold Its Breath?


The longest amount of time a whale can hold its breath is two hours. A large male whale is known to hold its breath for this amount of time. They can do this by lowering their oxygen demands.
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A whale doesn't hold its breath. It rather gets oxygen from water it then shoots out of its spout.
The huge animal can hold its breath for 80 to 90 minutes at a stretch. I
The average dolphin species can stay underwater for as long as eight to 10 minutes; some can remain submerged while holding their breath for 15 minutes. Dolphins breathe through their
nearly two hours. Embed
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The killer whale can hold their breath about 10 minutes. Whales have special adaptions which allow them to hold their breath for long periods which allows them to dive in deep waters to hunt for food.
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Whales are able to hold breathe for more than 20 minutes while still under water and then come up to get more oxygen. Whales are well adapted to holding breathe ...
A sperm whale can hold their breath for as long as two hours. Most dives are usually around 45 minutes. A large animal has the capacity of holding their breath ...
It varies from animal to animal as to how long each animal can hold their breath underwater. For example, whales can hold their breath underwater for several ...
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