How long can alcohol be detected in urine?


Alcohol use in the prior three to four days is detectable by Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) urine tests, according to the Drug Testing Network Inc. Traditional urine tests for alcohol use are designed to detect ethanol, but ethanol leaves the body around 80 hours sooner than EtG, its direct metabolite.

The source states that the EtG urine test for alcohol use is considered a more accurate and reliable testing method than standard testing. Fermentation does not produce EtG, which means that evidence of EtG is evidence of alcohol consumption. Such testing is especially valuable in abstinence situations and for monitoring patients in alcohol treatment programs.

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How Long Can Alcohol Be Detected in Your Urine?
When alcohol enters your body, it must pass through the liver in order to be metabolized. Therefore, one or two beverages will leave your system long before a six-pack or more will. Because of this, if you know or suspect that an alcohol test may be... More »
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