How Long Can Alcohol Be Detected in Your System?


The duration in which alcohol can be detected in one's system is determined by a number of factors including gender; males are able to breakdown alcohol faster than females, the number of drinks since the liver has a limit to the amount it can metabolize, the rest is stored in the blood. Time intervals between drinks also spread the total absorption of alcohol over a longer period and this decreases the alcohol level in the system.
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Generally if you have a couple of drinks of alcohol it can be detected in your system for a couple of hours. If you drink heavily it can stay in your system for up to twenty four hours.
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The detection of alcohol is dependent on manner factors. Alcohol stays in someones system for different amounts of time for every person.
Depends on how much you drank, how much you weight, and your height.
1. Look for issues surrounding attendance. Alcoholism impairs the ability to meet certain responsibilities. Simply put, you can't get to work on time if you're sleeping off a bender
The Breathalyzers measures the concentration of alcohol in your breath.
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Alcohol can be detected in urine from 6 to 10 hours afterwards. It may depend on how much alcohol was consumed also. As with anything alcoholic, moderation is ...
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