How Long Can an Elderly Person Live without Food?


Well depending on how poor the elderly person's health will determine how long they can live without food. They may not be able to live too long without food. Normally people can go a few weeks without eating before they become sick and can die. A person cannot live without having water but a few days.
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It depends on person's state of health. An average elderly person would last at least 10 days without food and 3 days without water.
1. Keep a large calendar on the fridge or other common place, and write down all appointments and medications for the elderly person. Keep a smaller planner in your car so that you
1. Define boundaries with everyone. who shares a living space with you, both physical and mental. Don't intrude through these without permission. Ad. 2. Learn to accept the person's
I've heard as a rough rule of thumb: 3 minutes without air. 3 days without water. 3 weeks without food. However, these things will vary depending on the person, environment, and their
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