How Long Can Cheese Be Unrefrigerated?


There is no exact number of days or hours as to how long cheese can be unrefrigerated. The softer the cheese, the more moisture and shorter shelf life it has. The harder the cheese is, the less moisture it has and it is afforded a longer shelf life. If the cheese is sealed properly to prevent moisture, then it will last longer. The softer the cheese, the more it needs to be refrigerated. Depending on the cheese, if it is not properly refrigerated or sealed, the mold build up can just be scraped off of the cheese and the cheese will still be good. Other soft cheeses, like cottage cheese, will separate and it will go bad quickly.
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That will depend upon what type of cheese it is. You can safely leave out any kind of processed or hard cheeses for several hours. Other than that they should be discarded. You can find more information at
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It is always recommended that any food shouldn't be left out for more than 2 hours, but with cheese it depends on the temperature of where your storing it. Hard cheesees last much
A few hours. It's best not left out overnight.
It depends on the type of cheese. Most soft cheeses like cottage cheese
If it's the kind that's individually wrapped, there shouldn't be a problem leaving it in your bag for a few hours while you're at school. If you are worried at all, just get one of
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