How Long Can Cooked Chicken Stay Unrefrigerated?


The Food and Drug Administration suggests that you avoid leaving cooked chicken and other meats out for more than four hours. The Department of Agriculture and Food Safety suggests that you only leave it out for two hours.
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Meat should not be unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours. Only 1 hour if the ambient temperature is 90 degrees F.
Your cooked chicken will be safe for that time as long as the temperature was not between 40-and 140 for more than 4 hours. This is the danger zone for bacteria to grow. Enjoy! Glenn
Ideally, no longer than one hour if it is cooked, because bacteria will set
The rule is potentially hazardous food, food which can support pathogen grown (microorganisms that cause disease), can be in the danger zone defined as between 41F-135F for no more
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