How Long Can I Keep Expressed Milk for?


You should store breast milk safely in containers that are sterilised and airtight. The duration within which you can keep expressed milk depends on the room temperature, it should not be more than 77 degrees. If it is kept in a cold box with refreezable ice packs, the milk can only stay for up to 24 hours. In a refrigerator which has a temperature of 39 degrees F/4 degrees C or colder, you should store the expressed milk for three to five days.
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1. Find a quiet and comfortable place to express breast milk. Make sure that you are fresh and clean before expressing milk. Take a bath and wash your hands. If you are at work, make
1 Wash your hands. Your hands should be washed before you attempt to hand express breast milk. If you washed your hands with cold water, let them warm up before touching your breasts
How long you can safely keep expressed breast milk depends on the storage method. Consider these general guidelines for healthy infants: Room temperature. Freshly expressed breast
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You can store fresh expressed breast milk for up to five days in the main part of the fridge at four degrees Celsius. You can also store expressed breast milk ...
It is recommended that you don't keep your breast milk any longer than 72 hours. Bacteria multiply the long it sits and even more when you heat it. ...
If you are talking about keeping breast milk in the freezer, I would suggest six months at the most. At room temperature, I wouldn't leave the milk out longer ...
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