How Long Can Shrimp Stay in the Refrigerator?


Shrimp can stay in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 days. If it's slimy, has a stronger than usual odor or is turning orange then it's ruined and should be disposed of. Shrimp can be safely frozen for approximately 2 months.
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Perishable foods, particularly meat and fish, have a relatively short shelf life once they have been thawed. It's best to consume these foods as quickly as possibly in order to reduce
I go along with the 3 day rule except for shrimp and deviled eggs. If they are not eatten by the next day, I throw them out. My Mom used to work in a nursing home kitchen and they
If the shrimp were fresh, they should stay good in the
It varies depending on the quality of the shrimp, but you should be fine, provided it both looks and smells okay. Cooked shrimp lasts awhile in the fridge. report this answer. Updated
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How long you can refrigerate shrimp will depend on whether you have already cooked it or not. If it is still uncooked, you can refrigerate shrimp for 3 days. If ...
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