How Long can Stitches Stay in?


The length of time stitches can stay depends on the severity of the incision. Minor stitches can only stay up to 7 days while some takes about 2 weeks.
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they should only be in for about 2-3 weeks otherwise they may get infected. i have had stitches in my mouth before from a tooth extraction and they got taken out 15 days later.
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From what I know, most stitches in the facial areas will stay in for around 3-5 days. If you have stitches on other body parts, they stay in around 7-10 days normally. Some stitches dissolve on their own.
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In general, stitches stay in after surgery on an average of 7 to 14 days. This, however, is dependent on how good the wound is healing, presence of infection, ...
Stitches, or sutures can be removed in most cases within 2 months. The type of injury stitched will factor into this removal. There are absorbable stitches and ...
Generally, stitches are left in 7-10 days. However, you should talk to your doctor about when he/she expects to remove your stitches. It can vary depending on ...
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