How Long Can Turtles Stay out of Water?


Most species of turtles can stay out of the water for a few hours. Some snapping turtles will spend their entire life in the water unless they are pregnant females who need to build a nest on land. When turtles are removed from water, say to clean their tanks or to be played with, the ambient air temperature should be close to the temperature of their tank. Turtles take a long time to adjust to temperature changes; sudden changes in temperature will cause the turtle stress and may harm his immune system.
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They hold their breath under water.i guess) Sometimes, they do come out of the ocean. For example, to lay eggs.
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Since turtles are both herbivores and carnivores, they can have a variety of food. Fresh, live crickets are yummy and you can buy them at your local pet food store. Your leftover
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