How Long Can You Have Chlamydia without Knowing?


You can have Chlamydia for many years without noticing it because in many people it does not have signs and symptoms. Eventually, Chlamydia in a woman will turn into pelvic inflammatory disease and cause abdominal pain. This silent STD can scar the fallopian tubes and the woman can become infertile. 
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This is the tough part: 75 percent of women and 50 percent of men do not show symptoms when they get chlamydia. This is frightening since the disease may be ravaging your fallopian
Giving a person a medication without their knowledge is illegal and constitutes assault. It is dangerous, as some chlamydia medications can have fatal drug interactions if mixed with
With Chlamydia, if symptoms do occur, they usually appear 1 to 3
1. Be as silent as possible. Letting sobs escape absolutely lets everyone know what you're doing. Pinch yourself, put a fist in your mouth, whatever it takes to make no noise. 2.
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