How Long Can You Keep Frozen Ground Turkey?


Technically, you can keep frozen ground turkey for an unlimited period of time if your freezer is set at 0 and is working properly. However, because quality of any frozen food declines over time, it is recommended by the USDA that frozen ground turkey be used or discarded within 4 months of the original freezing date. The frozen ground turkey will be edible past the 4 month date, but it may have freezer burn or other signs of decreased quality.
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In terms of safety, a turkey can be kept in the freezer for an indefinite amount of time. After a year, though, it will start to lose it's taste and juiciness. Just use more gravy
According to the USDA, Ground turkey lasts 3-4 months in the freezer. However, I have noticed that the flavor changes in about half that time (and I'm talking about unopened store-bought
According to the health department, meat can be stored and used for 7 days after it thaws, if and only if it was kept at 41 F or lower. Ideally, you want to keep thawed meats on ice
In terms of safety, frozen turkeys will keep indefinitely in the freezer. Keep
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