How Long Can You Keep Salmon in the Freezer?


If you are freezing your salmon catch, it is important to eat it before it goes bad. Commercially frozen salmon has a freezer shelf life of six months. If the fish is properly kept at 0 degrees Fahrenheit with no exposure to air or warmth, it can keep for up to twelve months.
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Freezing Methods There are several ways to prepare salmon for freezing. One such method involves wrapping the fish in layers of plastic wrap and aluminum foil. To freeze fish using
Over a year if kept in an airtight container.
Meat can be kept in the freezer for over six months. You want to make sure the meat is fully covered to prevent freezer burn. If the meat isn't covered completely the meat is no longer
It can technically keep for quite a while (months) but even freezing does take a toll on quality. No point in pushing the envelope with your salmon. .
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