How Long Did It Take to Build a Pyramid?


It took about twenty years for each of the Egyptian pyramids to be built. The great pyramid in Giza for instance which is the oldest and largest of the three took exactly 20 years. Its construction ended in 2,560 BC and it involved 100,000 men.
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The rulers had tens and tens of thousands of slaves that did all the work. The Jews built them. It took them years and years to build just one.
It took a period of 14-20 years to build the Pyramid of Khufu. it took more than a day and less then 21 years. he used 10,000 slaves and free men.
Herodotus noted that 100,000 men labored for 20 years to complete t...
It took 20 years to build. Millions and Millions.
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From start to finish, the building of an Egyptian pyramid could take many decades.
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