How long did it take to build Rome?


The Roman Empire evolved over many centuries, but tradition holds that the city of Rome itself was founded in 753 B.C. As a city that is still standing today, Rome has never been completely finished.

Rome and its surrounding land took centuries to evolve into what would become the Roman Empire. Due to the dedication of Roman emperors and the labor of citizens and soldiers, Rome became the massive superpower that ruled so much of Europe and the Middle East in ancient times.

There is a famous adage that states, "Rome wasn't built in a day." This quote, according to, is used to urge someone to be patient, as it is not always possible to make big things happen right away.

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In order to tell you how long it took to build something, you have to let me know what you are referring to. Until I know what you are referring to, I really can't give you an answer
It took between seven and eight years in all. It was
25 hours.
Who says Apture is built? I'm of the opinion that a good product is never done. To answer your question more directly, it's the result of several years worth of hard work, and hopefully
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