How Long Did It Take to Build the Roman Coliseum?


It took 10 years to build the Roman coliseum. The coliseum started to be built between 73-75 A.D and was almost completed in 79AD as the inauguration of the coliseum was in 81 AD. It is said that the coliseum is the best Roman work of architecture.
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the roman coliseum was built of wood and sand. they got the money to pay for the expenses by melting down a statue of a very rich man names nero. they used 200,000 jews (jewish) people
The roman Colosseum was built almost 2000 years ago. Emperor Vespacian started construction on it and it was finished in A.D. 80 by emperor Titus.
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The Arch of ConstantineIt is the most important of the Roman
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The building of the Roman Colosseum was started by Vespasian between the years 73 to 75 A.D. He later died in 79 AD and his older son named Titus saw the completion ...
It took between seven and eight years in total, to finish building the coliseum. It was built by Titus who only ruled two years and Vespasian's second son Domitian ...
The Romans introduced superior Combat weapons when they invaded Britain. They also improved accessibility by building better and long lasting roads and introduced ...
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