How Long Did It Take to Paint Mona Lisa's Lips?


No one knows exactly how long it took to paint Mona Lisa's lips in the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting by the same name. It is speculated, based on letters to some of Da Vinci's contemporaries at the time, that it took between four and six years to paint the entire painting. Da Vinci invented the painting technique, called sfumato, used to paint Mono Lisa's lips. It is a technique that uses soft shadows to paint complex objects. The soft shadows do not give a precise definition of the object that is being viewed.
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Florence, Italy. Many scholars, like Vasari, believe that Leonardo da Vinci painted much of the Mona Lisa in Florence. However, the background portions of the Mona Lisa may have been
12 years altogether.
Leonardo undertook to paint for Francesco
In 1504, but it may have been finished later.
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