How Long Did It Take to Write the US Constitution?


The US Constitution is the set of laws that govern the United States of America. The US Constitution was written during the Constitutional Convention, which was when all the members of the Constitutional Congress came together to write supreme laws that the governent still relies on. The constitutional Convention met for 116 days from May, 1787 to September 1787. The members of Congress worked on it the entire time, so it took 116 days to write the US Constitution.
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1. Research the origin of the Constitution and provide historical information in the introduction of the essay. Discuss the Revolutionary War and development of the Articles of Confederation
to explain our freedoms and how the government should run
The US Constitution was created in Philadelphia by state delegates at a
1. Make sure the rules are fair. Gather with all the members and discuss the rules and punishments. Make sure everyone agrees with them. Nobody will follow rules they believe to be
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