How Long Did Noah Preach before the Flood?


The Bible does not explicitly mention that Noah preached before the flood. However, there are some who interpret that Noah may have preached for 120 years before the flood. The later base their analysis on what is written in 2 Peter 2:5, which supports the fact that Noah was a preacher, and Genesis 6:3 where there is a 120-year reference.
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Some interpreted this verse to mean Noah had 120 years to warn the people. It goes to the 'longsuffering' or patience God shows mankind (2 Peter 3:9) Genesis 6:3. New King James Version
There is nowhere in Scripture that supports the 120 years for the
Short answer. : It's just a story. Medium answer: Geologists have found evidence of a purely local flood of the Black Sea about 5600 BCE which probably would have been the flood reported
I survived it.
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It is not clear when Noah lived. However, after the flood, he lived for three hundred and fifty years. In total he lived for nine hundred and fifty years before ...
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