How Long Did the Ancient Greek Olympic Games Last?


The Olympic Games are a series of athletic competitions or challenges started in ancient Olympia in the year 776 BC. The Olympics were held in honor of Zeus and the event was held every 4 years until a Roman emperor named Theodosius the Great banned the event once Rome assumed power over Greece. At first, the Olympics only lasted a single day with one foot race event. Later, the Olympics were increased to a length of five days with added events such as javelin throwing, discus throwing, wrestling, and boxing.
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The first Ancient Olympics were held between 776BC and 393AD - a span of 1168 years.
To the Greeks it was important to root the Olympic Games in
The Olympic Games were first held in ancient Greece as far back as 776 B.C. These ancient games lasted for almost 12 centuries but stopped when Greece was invaded and conquered and
Greece, Olympia. For over a thousand years.
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The ancient Greeks played the same kind of games that we play today at the Olympics, which included running, throwing a javelin or discus. They also played field ...
The ancient Greeks believed that boxing was one of the games that were played by the gods on Olympus; therefore it became a component of the Olympic Games in about ...
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