How Long Did the Stuarts Rule England?


The Stuart Monarchs ruled Britain for about 111 years; which was from 1603 to 1714 .The first Stuart monarch was James I of England and the last was Queen Anne, who later got married to Prince George of Denmark.
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These are the Stuart monarchs and their reign time: James I (1603 - 1625) Charles I (1625 - 1649) Interregnum - (with no monarch) Oliver Cromwel l (1649 - 1658) Charles II (1660 -
James I was the First Stuart
Queen Elizabeth I unfortunately died on March 24, 1603. King James I of England replaced her at the thrown. Did you know he was actually her first cousin but twice removed?
King James I ruled England in 1603-1625 when Elizabeth I died.
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The difference in the rule of the Stuarts and the rule of Elizabeth I is the Stuarts followed more closely to absolutism. Absolutism is a political theory or form ...
The Stuarts didn't agree with the parliament during their reign unlike Elizabeth I who worked with the parliament. The Stuarts also ruled by divine right. For ...
Maybe because one was from England and the other from Scotland, not quite sure.Even though James I(VI) ruled both England and Scotland simutaneously, he did so ...
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