How Long Do Accidents Stay on Insurance Records?


Vehicular accidents usually stay on insurance records for varying lengths of time and depend on the state in which you live. How long accidents do stay on your records may also vary, depending on whose fault the accident was, or whether it's of the 'no-fault' variety. Usually accidents stay on insurance records for anywhere from 4 to 6 years. The best answer would be to check with your own insurance agent.
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Your insurance company controls this time period, there are no laws which govern it. As far as your DMV record is concerned, your driving record is PERMANENT and is a cumulative reflection
There are many different factors that can affect the premium you pay for car insurance, one of which is an accident. The rates vary from state to state, but if you have an accident
I agree with those that have already answered about 3 years being the norm in most states and 5 years for major incidents like DUI. I doubt your insurance would have increased twice
Hi Janeice, You are actually talking about 2 different things. The insurance company comunicates with and pays the vehicle owner. The motor vehicle record with the state DMV has nothing
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