How Long Do Alligators Live?


The average American Alligator life span is about 50 years. At this point they will start loosing their teeth. The oldest captive alligator was 66. There have been some Nile alligators that have lived to be 100.
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Alligators live in freshwater and brackish swamps and marshes. Other than the rare Chinese Alligator, which lives on the Yangtze River, alligators are native to the southeastern United
American alligators are native to southeastern parts of the United States, including areas of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. They are found in freshwater habitats
The largest living alligator ever reported was 17 feet and 5 inches long. It
Per Wikipedia: "Alligators are native to only two countries: the United States and China. "American Alligators are found in the subtropical southeast US: all of Florida
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Alligators are known to be scared of cats and sometimes human beings. Alligators are reptiles of the crocodilian genus that live in freshwater environments and ...
The dwarf caiman alligator is a small type of crocodilian reptile that originated from north and central part of South American. It lives in the river basin and ...
The American alligator lives in the biome provided by slow-moving rivers and marshes in the southern United States. They are found from the swamps along the Virginia-North ...
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