How Long Do Apples Last in Refrigerator?


Depending on the variety on an apple and the stage of maturity at which it was picked, the length of time that it will keep in the refrigerator will vary. Hard winter apples if picked unripened will keep for six to twelve months while the summer apples which are softer and of higher moisture content will last three to six months. Apples in storage may however lose their crisp and taste. Loose apples may however keep for just six to eight weeks.
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It all depends on the variety of apple you are talking about. Some apples hold up better than others in storage. For instance, Fuji apples will be able to last in the fridge from
I think the last for a few weeks. I am not sure though. I have had some green apples in my fridge for about 4 weeks and they are not bad yet.
1. Sort through the apples and separate any that are bruised, soft or otherwise imperfect. Eat these apples immediately or use them in recipes such as apple sauce. Damaged apples
Apples are capable of lasting three to five weeks in the
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The length of period that an apple will last depends on a variety of factors. For example if the apple is fresh it will last for one to two months in the refrigerator. For packaged fresh cut apples they will last for three to five days. Since apples do not have a sale by date you can go by the purchased or picked date.
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