How Long Do Bats Live?


The oldest bat on record lived for 32 years. The average live span of a bat is about 20 years, but many bats do not live that long. They have low birth rates. You can find more information here:
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How long bats live can depend on where they are located. A bat's lifespan can be anywhere from ten to thirty years. Bats can be a diet for a number of predators but human destruction of the environment is a huge factor on how long they live.
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Vampire bats can live for up to 12 years and they usually roost in caves, hollow trees, mine shafts, old wells, and abandoned buildings. These bats are the only ...
The length of time that bats can live without food or water depends on the species of bat, the size of the bat, whether or not the bat is nursing young bats, ...
Most bats can live a life span of thirty years. The main predators bats fall to are snakes, birds, and raccoons. Bats are very helpful in eating many insects. You ...
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