How Long Do Camels Live?


Camels are interesting animals. Camels can live for forty to fifty years. They live in Asia and other desert regions. They also can be found in Europe, Africa, and Australia. The largest population of camels are found in Somalia.
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Camels live in deserts and are mostly found in Egypt. ChaCha on!
Feral camels live in the Great Sandy Desert, Gibson Desert and Simpson Desert ie central Australia and central Western Australia. They are not Australian Camels, but were imported
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Winds blow sand all around, so a camel has long eyelashes to adapt to the desert and it also has nostrils that can open and close. A camel can go a week or more ...
The camel was Domesticated thousands of years ago by frankincense traders, who trained it to make the long and arduous journey from southern Arabia to the northern ...
Camels have to live without food and water for a long time. So their red blood cells have to divide and form new cells. Only nucleated cells can divide. Their ...
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