How Long Do Canned Sardines Last?


Sardines are small oily fish commonly consumed by humans by either grilling, pickling, or smoking them. They are also preserved in cans and sold as canned fish. They are tightly packed and scored for easy opening and this makes them non- perishable, and therefore cannot get spoilt or decayed easily.
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forever. ex. on a discovery show they found canned sardines in a WW2 bunker and deemed them perfectly edible.
1. Add tomato sauce, salt and a drop of olive oil to the sardines before placing on toast and eating. For a traditional Spanish take, drizzle the olive oil onto French baguette bread
Supporting Maurice Bretzfield's answer - make stock from them. First rest them in cold water for about a day in the fridge. Use that water as part of your stock water, later. Add
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