How Long Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Last?


Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is very toxic and deadly. When appliances that rely on fossil fuels, such as kerosene or gas, malfunction, they can emit carbon monoxide. This is dangerous in the home and can be a silent killer. A carbon monoxide detector will detect the gas in the air in a room and make a sound when the gas is present. Carbon monoxide detectors last about five years. You need to change the battery every year.
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Everyone who has appliance in their homes that burn fossil fuels should have a detector. You should place your detector five feet above the floor on the wall for the best results.
A carbon monoxide detector senses carbon monoxide in the air and sets off either a high-pitched alarm or, in some detectors, a loud voice warning to let the household know that a
Usually 7 years.
Depends on brand, batteries should be changed out once a year.
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