How Long Do Cardinals Live?


The average lifespan of a cardinal is about 15-16 years. There have been records of cardinals living to 28 1/2 years. Usually many will succumb to illness or predators before they reach that age. You can find more information here:
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Cardinals live in South and North America, but mostly can be found in the North American region. Over the years they have had to change their habitats due to human growth throughout
Cardinals are found in many environments over much of North America, especially in the east.
Cardinals nest in thickets and dense shrubs. They commonly build nests close to the ground, using the density of the shrub to provide protection. The female builds the nests 4 to
This common bird is a winter fixture at snow-covered bird feeders throughout the Northeast,
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The cardinal bird lives in North America, and is usually seen in the eastern and mid-western areas. It is also seen in Canada, Central America and Mexico. This ...
A cardinal typically can live up to 15 years long. The cardinal's age of death will depend on air quality and food density in a given area. These markers can severely ...
Northern cardinal eggs look like a small egg that are grayish or greenish white with brown spots. They are about one inch long. It takes about 11 to 13 days for ...
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