How Long Do Cats Carry Kittens for?


Cats carry their kittens for almost nine weeks before they are born. The litter size of the cats is usually between 3-5 kittens.
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About 30 to 45 days. After that the mother keeps pushing the kittens away when they want to drink her milk and everyone starts to get independent. It really depends on the environment
1. Examine the kitten closely to see if it meets the basic criteria for bobcat anatomy. See if it has yellow eyes with black pupils, large upstanding tufted ears with sharply pointed
I don't know about larger wild felines, but domestic cats carry kittens by holding on to the nape of the kitten's neck, which is a fold of tough skin just behind their heads. Unlike
The kitten stage lasts until 6 months of age when the kitten begins to act more
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