How Long Do Cats Live?


For an indoor cat, their average life time span is seventeen years. An outdoor cat usually does not live as long as an indoor cat. Some indoor cats live till twenty.
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Cats generally live around ten years. If they are healthy and have been housecats they can live up to eighteen or nineteen years. Usually a cat that stays outside is introduced to more dangers that will shorten their life.
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How long a cat lives depends on their lifestyle - whether they are inside or outside cats. A cat that spends most or all of its time inside can live 20 years or longer.
1. Change your cat's diet to a canned food designed for older cats starting around seven years. Your cat will not have to chew the soft food as much as dry food. The soft food also
Feral cats live in the wild, but are not the same as stray cats or wild cats in that they are descended from domestic cats but have had no contact with humans. Feral cats can live
Cats are living longer now with advances in medicine. My patients generally live to 16 to 23 years. In my practice, the two most common diseases to cause death in my patients are
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Cats can live for a long time. Cats that are 12 years old or more are classed as old ...
In captivity, an average life expectancy for male indoor cats at birth is 12 to 14 years, with females usually living a year or two longer. However, there have ...
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