How Long Do Chipmunks Live?


The average life span of a chipmunk is from two to three years. They are only capable of breeding once a year and generally live on nuts. For more information about chipmunks, visit:
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Depending on the type of chipmunk, they can live anywhere from 2-11 years. Eastern chipmunks can live up to 11 years, while least chipmunks (common) live about 6 years.
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Chipmunks are found throughout North America and in Asia. They can be found in Mexico all the way North to Canada. They prefer to live in places with trees, shrubs and rocks.
1. Watch your yard to see where the chipmunks roam. They use the same trails repeatedly. They dwell mostly in forests and at the edge of forests, but will visit your yard if it has
WHAT DO CHIPMUNKS LIVE ON? Since they are herbivores, they live on seeds and berries.
Chipmunks can typically live anywhere.They usually hang out in the woods with their cousin
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Chipmunks are a part of the squirrel family and they live from two to three years in the wild. They are characterised by light and dark stripes on their heads ...
A chipmunk is a small rodent that resembles a squirrel, but which has large, internal cheek pouches used for transporting food. They mainly live in timberline ...
Methods for ridding your yard of chipmunks include live traps or removal of their food supply. ...
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