How Long Do Cockroaches Live?


It seems like they live forever. If I am not mistaken, cockroaches lived through the Ice Age. The life span of a cockroach is about two years, if you include the time from the egg stage up until adulthood. Some species vary, but this is the typical time line.
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Immature cockroaches take 6 to 12 months to fully develop. Adult cockroaches live up to one year.
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Cockroaches live right down the street at my friend's house, that is why I make my visits few and far between! Wouldn't want to take any home, you know? Seriously, they actually live
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During the day they live in cracks and crevices and harbourages, often grouped together. They give off an odour to attract other cockroaches of the same species. They are all nocturnally
Cockroaches are used as medicine and a food source in some
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