How Long Do Corn Snakes Live?


The life span of a corn snake can vary according to their habitat. If they are safe inside a cage in your home, then they can live up to 20 or more years. In the wild, however, they have a lower chance of survival.
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1. Examine the corn snake's temperament before handling. If it seems the snake does not want to be handled, do not force it to submit to being picked up. 2. Reach into the snake's
1. Always use frozen then thawed rodents. While some people think that using live prey seems more natural, many captive bred snakes have never had live prey. Live prey also pose many
The life span of the corn snake is up to 23 years in captivity, but is generally much
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Corn snakes live in such as overgrown fields, forest openings, trees, palmetto flatwoods and abandoned or seldom-used buildings and farms. These snakes remain ...
It depends on the spices, but snakes usually live between 10-25 years on average. large snakes live usually longer than small snakes. Some small spices of small ...
How big a corn snake gets depends on the snake itself. Some of them stay relatively modest at about three feet long. Others however can grow to be as big as 5'6' ...
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